Complete Falsely

Complete Falsely – compo perso 3

So famous feels so free
No care how it should be
Don’t need of a family
Even less a cup of tea

Lifetime last as city trips
By kissing thousand lips
Can live with no measure
By the way never pressure

Many girls much pleasure
Ever alone but no treasure
Even experiment lot of tips
Life can be recap as in clips

Money, party, popularity
Think you live brilliantly
Made this world shine
Convincing you’re fine

Face the devil eyes blind
Throw in Hell is your mind
In darkness without liberty
Think your trip was dirty

Believe me it isn’t a threat
There’s no victory no defeat
But without real love and heat
Life will not be complete

Only love makes feel free
Nowadays and for eternity
We take care of you and me
In this way it’s great to be